Monday, February 22, 2010

*pokes head in* Hiiii.

Well, long time no blog.

I guess I started slinking away after I got swamped with so much stuff I couldn't complete my nanowrimo. :(

BUT NEVERTHELESS! I have not stopped writing! I haven't been writing a whole lot, but I have been writing!

Current projects on the table:

Suzy&Seraphio- a story about a young girl from a conservative Christian household, and a boy raised by four homosexual parents. Mayhem ensues as they try to convert each other to their own point of view, to the point of actually going out with each other.

Concubines of Kumiland- Adil was happy as a farm girl, despite living in poverty. But knowing her family suffered from lack of finances, she agrees to go to the Kumiland Concubine Academy and learn the arts of seduction so that she may be sold off to a wealthy master. Now as the student concubine Amaline, she makes friends, enemies, and finds a lover in the bitter song instructor, Evonne Thorne.

Relative Gods- a nonfiction book about my personal view on life, religion, love, etc., all centered around my Relative God Theory- which states that all gods and forms of divinity are different to each individual, and all correct.

Well, those are the main projects, I might be working on some short stories and posting them here
in order to pay for a charity I'm doing over in Guatemala, called Mayan Families

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